eGOLD unique advantages

A fair 3-level referral system with constant income built into the eGOLD coin itself

The lack of traditional mining is compensated by a reward to the node holders equal to 1 eGOLD coin from each transaction and increased coin generation in the wallet.

eGOLD uses a multi-tier algorithm for parallel transactions of the next post-blockchain generation, allowing to achieve an unlimited number of transactions per second.

Complete anonymity due to the use of only 18-digit digital wallet number.

eGOLD runs on the non-volatile Proof-of-Stake algorithm which verifies transactions by confirming with more than 50% balance of the available nodes. That allows to keep a node on a device of almost any power.

The highest security is achieved by using a quantum-resistant FALCON quantum-resistant encryption and the receipt of transactions already signed by the private key on the client’s side.

A unique opportunity to change the private key. The unchanged wallet number allows you to do this, with the new private key being signed with the old private key, just like any transaction according to the rules of most cryptocurrencies.

The source code written in PHP and MySQL is open and anyone can check it.

The creation of eGOLD coins is implemented by stacking technology with a reward of up to 5% per month of the total number of coins which allows to earn coins for the material investments, directly from the wallet balance.

The minimum constant transaction cost for any amount of transfer is always equal to 2 coins. And for the node holders, the cost of the transaction will be 1 coin. Today 1 eGOLD coin equals 0.02 USD. (updated 19.09.2021)

There is a single service address of the G-1 cryptocurrency itself to destroy coins.

The innovative transaction history horizon technology allows keeping the volume of the transaction database on the nodes unchanged and configuring it independently.

Easy integration into any web projects with a simple API with JSON responses and POST / GET queries, as well as direct use of PHP and MySQL.

Profit Calculator - calculate your income

Increase in the rate of gold per month %:
The rate of eGOLD in USD:
Your wallet balance:
Balance: 0 USD
Own node:
Income per month:
0 G or 0 USD
Level 1 referrals balance:
Balance: 0 USD
Own node:
Income per month:
0 G or 0 USD
Level 2 referrals balance:
Balance: 0 USD
Own node:
Income per month:
0 G or 0 USD
Level 3 referrals balance:
Balance: 0 USD
Own node:
Income per month:
0 G or 0 USD
Total income per month:
0 eGOLD = 0 % or 0 USD = 0 %

You can change the values in the forms «Increase in the rate of gold per month %», «Rate of eGOLD in $», «Your wallet ballance», «Level 1 referrals balance», «Level 2 referrals balance» and «Level 3 referrals balance»

* All calculations were made using compound interest for the current gold rate and its average change over the year. The income may vary, both upward and downward. Therefore, the calculator is presented for your reference, like all other calculations and content on the website.

Calculation of income for the 1st month in eGOLD coins from the balance of the wallet or balance of referrals:
[Balance wallet eGOLD own or referrals]*((1+0.01*[Percent income]/(30*24*60*60))^(30*24*60*60)-1)

Calculation of income for the 1st month in $ from the balance of eGOLD wallet:
([Balance of eGOLD wallet]*(0.01*[Percentage of gold growth rate]) + [Income in eGOLD coins]*(1+0.01*[Percentage of gold growth]))*[eGOLD rate to ruble]

Calculation of income for the 1st month in $ from the balance of eGOLD wallets referrals:
[Income in eGOLD coins from referrals]*(1+ 0.01*[Percentage of gold growth rate])*[eGOLD exchange rate to ruble]

Sample 1 month's main balance calculation:
There are 0 eGOLD on the main balance. At a current exchange rate it is 0 USD. After a month of 0% compound interest with a per-second accrual turns into 0%. Therefore, after a month, the income will be 0 eGOLD. Taking into account the rate at the beginning of the month, 0.0175 USD per eGold coin is 0 USD. But a month has passed. On the average increase in the rate of gold by 0%, the income after a month with accrued 0 eGOLD will be 0 USD. Also, in a month, due to the 0% growth of the gold rate, the price of our 0 eGOLD will increase from 0 USD to 0 USD and the income will be 0 USD. Now add up the income of 0 eGOLD in 0 USD with the income from the increase in the gold rate of 0 USD and obtain a total income of 0 USD in a month. All the values were round downward to whole cent.

* For all other months, the calculation is made on the compound percentage, depending on the calculated percentage for the 1st month. That is, the growth of coins not only on the main wallet, but on the referral wallets was taken into account as well. It is considered that referrals also did not withdraw funds for a given period of time and their balance also increased.

Automatic sale and purchase of eGOLD coins in 45* minutes

  • 1

    Enter eGOLD or BNB wallet. Funds will be transferred there along with the memo or pin, if available.

  • 2

    Transfer BNB or eGOLD in any amount and receive funds without commission as part of the total savings.

  • 3

    BNB is instantly converted to any currency and vice versa. For example, to USD via bestchange, advcash, etc.

RATE 1 eGOLD = 0.0000421 BNB 1 eGOLD = 0.0175469 USD 1 eGOLD = 1.2788155 RUB

* BNB (BEP2 - Binance Chain) - is the official cryptocurrency of the largest exchange and P2P exchange from Binance. It has minimal transaction fees and has been steadily growing in value for several years. You can buy or sell the BNB coin on Binance, as well as in many other places. Just search on the internet or in any convenient place. For example, in the aggregator of platforms for exchanging any money: «bestchange» the list of exchangers BNB to the ruble card Visa or MasterCard, and vice versa «bestchange» the list of exchangers from the ruble card Visa or MasterCard to BNB. There you can also choose other directions. For example, to the card of Tinkov or other banks. Coin is incredibly popular. To use BNB Coin, install any wallet you like on your computer or phone from more than a dozen available on the official page: the list of BNB Wallets.

* Work scheme for the exchange of eGOLD to BNB: install your eGOLD wallet → buy eGOLD coins for any money anywhere on your wallet → add your BNB wallet to the form above and click «eGOLD to BNB» → save the received details as wallet and tags → transfer eGOLD coins to the above mentioned details any time → you will receive coins to your BNB wallet within 45 minutes or so, depending on the loading speed and BNB from Binance.

* Work scheme to exchange BNB to eGOLD: install your BNB wallet → buy BNB coins for any money anywhere → add your eGOLD wallet to the form above and click «BNB to eGOLD» → save the received details as a wallet and memo → transfer BNB coins to the above mentioned details any time → you will receive coins to your BNB wallet within 45 minutes or so, depending on the loading speed and BNB from Binance.

* The details for funds transfer are valid for one year from the date of the last receipt of funds or from the date of creation of details, if there were no transfers on them. The currency exchange rate is indicated taking into account caching and may differ from the exchange rate at the time of exchange. In any case, the course is used from official sources. Also, you need to take into account the commission of cryptocurrencies themselves. There are no commissions in and the service is not for profit.

* If for some reason the exchange was not made, the funds received will be returned. Transfers in any directions without any commissions the website and any obligations are not a commercial project, but a project of free mutual assistance for all participants, as well as the eGOLD itself as a whole. Therefore, payments are made to all users so far on wallets eGOLD and BNB there are funds without any obligations. In case of exhaustion of funds on wallets, they can be replenished from other reserves, or you will have to wait for the transfer until other participants replenish the wallet, or until the funds return, in case of a long delay in replenishment or if the amount is too large. By performing any actions on this information website, you agree with this and with everything written on this website. If you have any questions, send a message to the support telegram chat

BNB to eGOLD exchange within 45* minutes

* Transfer any amount to the above mentioned BNB wallet with memo (without correct memo funds will be lost) and BNB coins will be converted without interest and transferred to eGOLD wallet at the current exchange rate within 45 minutes or so, depending on the loading speed and BNB from Binance. Details for transfer of funds are valid for an unlimited number of transactions for one year from the date of the last receipt of funds or from the date of creation of details, if there were no transfers on them.

eGOLD to BNB exchange within 45* minutes

* Transfer up to 50,000 eGOLD at a time to the above wallet with a tag (without correct pin money will be lost) and eGOLD coins will be converted without interest and transferred to BNB wallet at the current rate within 45 minutes or so, depending on the loading speed and BNB from Binance. Details for transfer of funds are valid for an unlimited number of transactions for one year from the date of the last receipt of funds or from the date of creation of details, if there were no transfers on them.

Why eGOLD is the best option for 2021

Average +10% per month

Total average eGOLD wallet income * Depends on the node, referrals, changes in the price of gold, the total balance of wallets

Up to +5% per month

Monthly income on wallet balance * Depends on the node and the total balance of wallets

Up to +1.25% per month

Monthly reward from the balances of the created wallets of 3 levels * Depends on the node and the total balance of wallets

Rate 0.91% per month

Change in the price of gold for USD * On average over the last year (updated 19.09.2021)

From 1 to 2 eGOLD

Commission for any transaction

4 seconds

Transaction speed

- unlimited

Number of transactions per second

The reward for creating a wallet

First ever, the cryptocurrency created a 3-level referral system with constant income.


Change in the price of troy ounce of gold against the ruble over the year

Current rate per 1 eGOLD coin is 0.0175469 USD or 1.2788155 RUB or 0.0000421 BNB (automatically updated 19.09.2021).

Every second, an eGOLD coin grows in quantity and price. 1 eGOLD coin is equal to 1/100000 XAU. Over the last year, the troy ounce of gold (abbreviation XAU) has grown at an average rate of 0.91% per month (automatically updated 19.09.2021).

On compound interest, taking into account the growth of the rate of gold to the ruble, the profit will be:
(1 +0.04/(30*24*60*60))^(360*24*60*60)* 0.9909^12 -1= % or USD income per year from invested 100 000 USD.
* For simplification, we estimate the month to be 30 days. Therefore, in the calculations of 360 days instead of 365 or 366 days

With your node:
(1 + 0.05/(30*24*60*60))^(360*24*60*60)* 0.9909^12 -1= % or USD a year with invested 100 000 USD.

Without your node and one referral at each of the 3 levels without nodes with the same balance of 100 000 $:
(1 + 0.0575/(30*24*60*60))^(360*24*60*60)* 0.9909^12 -1= % or USD a year with invested 100 000 USD.

If you have your node and one referral at each of 3 levels without nodes with the same balance of 100 000 $:
(1 + 0.0675/(30*24*60*60))^(360*24*60*60)* 0.9909^12 -1= % or USD a year with invested 100 000 USD.

* The price of gold was chosen because of its stability compared to fiat (government) money. The stability of gold stems from its limited nature and age-old value. Not for nothing, money tied to the stock of gold (gold and foreign exchange reserves) is the most stable. The data are presented for review, since the gold exchange rate was taken on the last day of each month and the percentages were rounded down to integers.

Actual profit in dollars





* The table shows the change in profit in coins eGOLD corresponding to the price of gold in dollars from the original amount at the beginning of the period over the past months. Income by complex interest is shown for m., starting from . 6.75% - is with noda and referrals with the same wallets balance at all levels. These tables are presented for review and for many reasons may differ both in the larger and lower directions depending on your exact percentage of profit, its change throughout the period and the exact exchange rate of gold without rounding.

Starting from:


Video on the eGOLD coin


The 1st half of 2018 - gathering information, developing the concept of eGOLD cryptocurrency and selecting the technology and technical implementation to be used.

The 2nd half of 2018 - the development of a node and the selection of applied technology for the official wallet and the launch of P2P exchanger of other cryptocurrency and gain experience to create a new eGOLD coin exchanger on the basis of mentioned exchanger.

Q1 2019 - completion of the node development and the addition of an API for interacting with the node.

Q2 2019 - development of the design and operating principles of the offline HTML wallet and making adjustments to the API node to adjust to the necessary requests and wallet data.

2nd half of 2019 - development of an offline HTML wallet and official P2P exchanger node testing and checkout.

The purpose of creating a coin is to create a future,
where people will be the masters of their money!

After decentralization, the coin becomes a full-fledged
convenient means of exchanging goods and services
in a community where everyone will have a decent life!

Q1 2020 - completion of the development of an offline HTML wallet and official P2P exchanger

Q2 2020 - eGOLD cryptocurrency launch.

Q3 2020 - creation of a white paper, promotion content and the beginning of the eGOLD coin promotion.

Q4 2020 - development of integration examples and assistance to simplify the integration of the coin into various trading systems.

1st half of 2021 - distribution of copies 1st half of 2021 - distribution of copies of the official P2P exchange franchise and active promotion of the coin to other exchangers.

2nd half of 2021 and until 2023 - full decentralization of the coin through its natural distribution to all participants and, if necessary, to achieve decentralization, destruction of the surplus coin on the original primary issue wallets by sending the surplus to the G-1 service address.

Unique wallet

One of the main differences of eGOLD, is it's an easy and unique wallet. It is just one small HTML file, that works independently on any devices and in any browsers without installation. This file contains all the necessary scripts and pictures. All work with the coin: contact book, setting up E-mail transaction notifications, referrals data, wallet QR codes and private key, change the private key, creating a new wallet, the search for transactions by filter, sending transactions, including their signature, carried out by using encryption directly in the wallet. Therefore, the private key is not being send anywhere beyond the device, and the work with the coin is completely safe. To start working with eGOLD, download and install the wallet according to the instructions below ↓ (recommended) or run it without downloading the button below ↓ and also read a brief video review of the wallet.

Wallet eGOLD.html

Wallet has full functionality, where all transactions, referral income and outgoing transactions are displayed.

The wallet itself has a function of changing the private key and create a new wallet.

There are filters to find the transaction by date or the digital comment of the tag - pincode.

The wallet has shortcuts, as well as generating and reading QR code for both the wallet and its private key.

Managing the wallet is intuitive, even for someone who has never dealt with cryptocurrencies.

Transactions are signed in the wallet. All actions are protected by algorithms that exclude errors and hacks.

eGOLD.html wallet installation instructions

You can use eGOLD.html wallet at link: or for Android of Google Play, but it is better to run it from your computer, unpacking the archive:

1. Download archive:

2. Check MD5 archive of by watching: MD5 and password verification video for «»

3. Unzip eGOLD.html or eGOLD_R1.41.apk from the ANDROID folder using the password shown in the video in step 2 ↑

4. Run eGOLD.html or install on Android Android eGOLD_R1.41.apk from the ANDROID folder

5. To work with the wallet, you need to watch the video instruction in: Unique Wallet

* When creating a wallet at,
the created wallet will become a referral of G-6854-87761-8800-59095.
You can specify any other wallet in the link.

The eGOLD Wallet was created

A new wallet is registered:

Private Key:

Wallet of the level 1 referer who created the current wallet:

Archive password: MD5 and password verification video for «»
Node IP address must be selected from the list: Sampling random IP addresses of nodes with a balance of more than 100 000

* The wallet will be available in 3 minutes. The wallet file itself in the archive is only an eGOLD.html file. There’s an Android app available that can be installed from the eGOLD_R1.41.apk file in the ANDROID folder.

1. It is necessary to change the private key before accepting transactions or using wallet for other purposes. There must be no less than 3 coins on your balance to change the private key, click on the key button with arrows on top-right, to the left of the wallet number, then place the mouse cursor in the highlighted area, click on it and move the cursor to 100%. A new private key will appear, which you are to save, then insert the current one and click change.
2. Be sure to check the private key after you change it by sending 1 coin to any wallet, and only after that you can replenish your balance.
3. The wallet is considered unsecure until you change the privat key.
4. However, only registers a new wallet, The holder is responsible for all the actions in terms of its use.

MD5 and password verification video for «»

* To find out the password from the «» archive, watch the video above ↑

To prevent stumer from misleading you and saving all your money, it is important to make sure that you downloaded the wallet from the developer. To do this, you need to check the MD5 checksum, of the downloaded file with multiple nodes and resources according to the instructions in the video above ↑. It's not complicated and will take no more than a minute.

Archive MD5 of «»: D627030E3A98D5B94554936EAED76490
For your security, you need to check the MD5 against other sources: sites, nodes, telegram channels, etc.

You can get MD5 directly from the node, if it has an archive for downloading. To do this, open the link with the list of nodes: http://[Node IP or site]/egold.php?type=nodas. For example: Then get the MD5: http://[Node IP or site]/egold.php?type=version. For example: You can also use the list of nodes below ↓. In this list, each link with an IP address of the node already has a request to the MD5 signature node. All you need to do is to click on the IP link and check the MD5 field.

Addons expanding the functionality of nodes

Addons are placed in the root of the site as a folder so that the addon folder is next to the node settings file egold_settings.php. They are configured in the settings.php file, located in the folder of each addon. You can test the operation after making settings in settings.php, by going to the addon folder in the address bar of your browser. For example: http://[IP or site]/egold_reg/ or http://[IP or site]/egold_lightpurchase/

Egold_reg - addon for automatic creation of wallets on the site. The user enters an email. He receives a pincode on the mail. He enters it in the form and receives the created wallet, which will be a referral wallet written in the addon settings, where it was created. In the administrative panel can see what wallets were created and when.

Egold_lightpurchase - addon for accepting eGOLD funds on your site. The user enters any of the recipient's information, such as phone number, card number or other details and clicks the button. He is given the information where to send eGOLD coins. After the receipt of coins on the specified details: wallet number and tag, he will be credited or something else on the specified requisites. Administrative panel shows incoming transactions, information or details entered by user to transfer something or other, amount in coins, amount in currency at specified rate, specified percentage of profit, how much money or something specified should be transferred to user. You can create several users for the management of accounting transfers and there are 2 levels of access: the main administrators, able to mark the done and remove the mark of the done, or other administrators, able only to put a mark of the done work. All actions are registered by date and the account, the password of which was entered to access the panel.


- eGOLD.torrent - full archive in torrent with instruction for beginners, wallet, white paper, noda, video instructions, MD5 verification, scripts for noda on Windows/MAC OS and password to ZIP archive. Torrent is a distributed method for storing and sharing files among users. To download on any operating system, you need to open the eGOLD.torrent file in the client torrent: utorrent, bittorrent, transmission or any other. After downloading, you need to leave the program open and the torrent itself with files so that anyone can also download these files. This is necessary for the convenience of other participants, as well as for new users and complete decentralization.
- Android eGOLD Wallet - Wallet for Android in Google Play
- eGOLDwallet - official wallet eGOLD in Telegram
- - official P2P message board
- - eGOLD transaction viewer
- GitHub - eGOLD repository with open source, history of changes, and archives of different versions
- @eGOLDinfo - Telegram info channel and alternate link to it
- @eGOLDpro - Telegram support chat for help communication and coins exchange eGOLD and alternative link to it
- - site to build a structure for you and create a wallet without spending money on it from PARAVOZ-EGOLD
- - exchange for eGOLD coins for $ from PARAVOZ-EGOLD
- - classic instant exchange with a good rating in bestchange, where you can directly exchange rubles for eGOLD. First you need to select VISA/MC and then eGOLD. The exchange takes place within 90 minutes.
- @paravoz_egold - PARAVOZ-EGOLD chat room and alternative link to this chat room
- - international P2P exchanger
- - the largest international forum
- - Russian forum
- - Russian forum
- instagram - social media channel
- vkontakte - social media channel
- youtube - video channel with instructions, promos, custom videos and webinars
- shop - clothes, souvenirs, key chains and flash drives with corporate identity
- list of changes in eGOLD versions - Telegraph page with all versions and information on them

- anti-money laundering policy and know your customer policy (AML/KYC)
- license agreement

* This site is informational and any information on it is not a public offer under any conditions

* Each IP address is a link to a node with a node version request, a link to the archive with the wallet, and an MD5 signature of that archive.
* IP addresses are used to log into the wallet or to initially load the node's database. At least 3 IP addresses are entered in the $noda_trust[]= "Node IP" parameter in the egold_settings.php node settings file(each on a new line).
* Before using the IP of the node, you should check how fast it opens and what is the version of the node (last version: 1.41), by clicking on the link in your browser: http://[Node IP]/egold.php?type=version.